Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sacred Heart PTA Parenting Seminar

On Saturday February 3, I had the privilege of speaking at the PTA parenting seminar of Sacred Heart School - Ateneo de Cebu together with Mel and Cathy Po, Edric and Joy Mendoza and Jodi Sta Maria.

Foundations of Emotional Health Seminar

     Dr. Jiji Harner and her husband Rick have developed this seminar to address the need to integrate emotional health with our spiritual lives.  Many people hold to a faith that teaches to love God and love others.  However, we find ourselves struggling in our relationships with the people closest to us.  Why?  Because our emotions influence our decisions and actions in ways that are counterproductive to our relationships.  We will be looking at 6 principles of Emotional Health that cover such topics as:
  • Dealing with the pain and hurt of our past
  • What should we do with “negative” emotions like fear, grief and anger
  • Learning to listen attentively under stress
  • How can vulnerability help my relationships
  • Boundaries and how they work
  • How seeking approval can destroy my relationships
      This seminar is experiential and reflective.  You will be given time to journal and discuss your responses to the material presented and the activities.  It is ideal to come with a friend or spouse.  This seminar will take your relationships to a new level in knowing and understanding yourself and others. 

When:  3 Saturdays – February 18; March 4 & 18 9am-4:00 pm
Where:  Baptist Theological College, A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue
Space limited to 50 registrants.  Registration includes snack, lunch & notes
All 3 Sessions P400 (P500 at the door)

*Early Bird Discount expires February 16 - All 3 sessions P300

For more info:   345-0148 (landline)    0916 746 7715 (globe)

*The principles of this seminar come from the book Emotionally Healthy Church written by Pete Scazzero which received a Gold Medallion Award in 2003. The seminar has been adapted from the Emotionally Healthy Church seminar that Rick & Jiji have taught for church leaders over the past 10 years.  Rick & Jiji Harner are missionaries with New Life Fellowship (Queens, NY) serving in Cebu since 2006.    

Monday, November 21, 2016

I'm now an officially a Licensed Psychologist in the Philippines!

I had an opportunity to get a quick picture with Dr. Miriam Cue, Chairman of the Board of the Professional Regulation Commission of Psychologists at the recent Oath-Taking of Psychometricians and Psychologists in Cebu at the University of San Carlos Talamban.
After several years of working out educational equivalencies between my American training and the requirements of the Professional Regulation Commission here in the Philippines, I am now a registered Psychologist here in the Philippines. 
Before the oath-taking, I met up with some friends:  Dr Lemuel Sagaral, Dr Ching Olasiman and  some other colleagues. 
There were only 5 psychologists confirmed
standing in contrast to more than a hundred psychometricians who took their oath.
After Dr. Cue shared about the changing status of psychology in the Philippines and Asia, Dr. Glenn Garino of University of San Carlos encouraged us with a short message.
Here I am taking my oath
After the ceremony, I ran into Sir Vince Thomas Evangelista .  He taught the class at University of San Jose Recoletas that I needed to take to earn my equivalency.
The pinning was done an individual basis.  Rick put my pin on after the ceremony

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Leading out of an Emotionally Healthy Marriage - Singapore

Pastor Pete and Geri Scazzero taught the Leading out of an Emotionally Healthy Marriage seminar at St Andrews Cathedral in Singapore this past August 26.  My husband and I had the opportunity to help out by demonstrating some of the emotionally healthy skills and then coaching couples as they practiced the skills for themselves

10 Years of G1:27 Tutoring

My husband enjoys teaching and working with kids - especially on math.  Here's the story of the Tutoring program that grew from him having fun teaching the neighbor's kids some math

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Perfect Love Conference - Cebu

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Perfect Love Conference organized by Filipina singer/actress Kuh Ledesma.  The conference brought together many famous Filipino personalities from the entertainment industries who shared their personal stories of pain, despair, transformation and restoration.  The theme of the conference was that God's perfect love can bring healing and restoration to the most painful of experiences.  Speakers shared stories of finding hope after experiences of violence, abuse, rejection and betrayal.  There was a special emphasis placed on restoration of the marriage relationship.  My very good friends, Mel and Cathy Po shared their personal story of a renewed marriage relationship. The message was one that is so needed in our generation.  There is hope and that hope is found in God's perfect love.
Between sessions, we had the opportunity to go backstage and eat together with some of the speakers.  For non-Filipinos, you might not know that this is Jodi Sta. Maria of the hit TV series Be Careful with my Heart.  She shared her story of being raised by a single mother and not knowing her father - the identity and esteem struggles she faced, finding success without finding peace and finally of finding joy and peace in her relationship with God.

The Freeman, a newspaper here in Cebu had a pretty thorough write-up of the movement that Kuh has initiated: